What is Daphane Nelson Business Consulting Services?

With the exception of a two year hiatus to the Kootenays in high school, I was born and raised in the BC Interior and have called Kamloops home since the mid-90s.  Growing up, lending a hand was second nature given that we lived out of town and had many animals and a garden to tend to.  This desire to help has shaped my existence and my hope is that Daphane Nelson Business Consulting Services will be of service to those that need it.

I graduated from UCC (now TRU) in 2004 with a Bachelor in Business Administration, majoring in Economics, thinking that I would readily find a job in economic development and help the city I love.  Unfortunately, in 2004 it was difficult to find that specific type of work but I was given an opportunity with the TD Bank.  Analyzing businesses and writing loans to help them succeed was my way of contributing to the Kamloops economy.  While working there, the bank enabled my passion to contribute to my community further allowing me to volunteer time and fund programs.  My son was born in 2008 and by 2011 I realized I needed a career change in order to serve my family.

Coincidentally, a former bank client asked me to oversee the tactical side of a merger and within two months, the office had moved, the company was re-branded and new computers were installed.  By 2012 I was working part-time with the organization overseeing the business management tasks as the firm had grown since the merger.  This gave me the opportunity to put to use many of the skills I learned as a banker and learn many more in the realms of HR management, marketing and IT.

In 2016 I was elected to the board of directors for Interior Savings Credit Union and was introduced to the world of values-based businesses.  Working with individuals who eat, breathe and live the cooperative principles daily inspires me and feels like a consolidation of all of my past experiences both work and volunteer related.  The concept of working together toward a higher purpose may seem idealistic to some, but to many others, it is a way forward.  I enjoy and appreciate this opportunity to serve my community.

Daphane Nelson Business Consulting Services dovetails my abilities in business advising and management and the need for this service given an overall lack of capacity within small businesses, non-profits and first nation’s organizations.   I also see potential to grow a cooperative movement within the Interior region and am currently taking a course in cooperative development and hope to help in that realm.

I have been considering this concept since I left the bank in 2011.  At that point I was not necessarily well-positioned to support myself in a small business venture.  Eight years later, I have many more contacts and consider this the right time both personally and professionally.  The flexibility of self-employment will allow me to continue my directorship with Interior Savings Credit Union and parent my ten-year-old son.  As such, I look forward to establishing and growing my small business with the help of the Community Future’s Self Employment program.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to helping your organization in any way possible.

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