Event Management

Let us organize and facilitate your event or meeting.

Co-operative Development

We will work collaboratively with your group of co-operators from concept to incorporation.

HR Management

Tasks such as hiring, documentation, performance reviews and HR policy manuals

Strategic Planning and Business Measurement

Tailored strategic planning and business measurement tools.

Since 1993

Hire a trusted, knowledgeable contracted consultant to complete administrative, business-related tasks that are often pushed off to the side of your desk.

Daphane Nelson Business Consulting Services provides managerial tasks without the need to hire a full-time business manager.  We provide services to non-profit organizations, small business owners and first nation's organizations.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Financial advice (revenue/expense analysis, forecasting, budgeting, business planning),
  • Event and meeting management (planning, facilitating, communication),
  • HR management (hiring, policy manuals, performance management),
  • Strategic planning and business measurement tools,
  • Cooperative development, and
  • *Other duties as required.*

Every organization experiences their own challenge relating to resources.  Small business owners are busier than ever and do not have time to complete all the necessary tasks on their own.  Non-profits face the ever-present challenge of funding, often making-do with existing resources.  Organizations not able to hire full-time employees benefit from the occasional use of contract employees to fill their human resource gaps.

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